MM Century Uplifts Juru Youngsters Football Club’s Grassroots

MM Century Uplifts Juru Youngsters Football Club’s Grassroots

The Juru Youngsters FC Team was all smiles after the recent Bagan League 2.0 in Dec 2023.

17th. January.2024, Perak – In the football world where passion meets prowess on the pitch, the influence of sponsors is vital and it fuels the environment management company’s appeal. Helping the local community and giving back to them are the primary reasons why MM Century sponsors a grassroots football team. By providing financial support, we aim to empower the youth team to showcase their talent on a larger scale.

Our full sponsorship is meant for the club’s youth team and we began supporting them with much-needed resources such as jerseys and food. This community-based club Penang, comprised of 30 players from the area has attracted our interest and helped the team financially with expenses. Thus, it will allow the rising club to purchase not only food but also jerseys and other supplies as they work themselves in the youth football scene.

Moreover, MM Century is dedicated to organising community events and tournaments that help foster a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among the youth nationwide. Securing sponsorship from us represents a milestone for Juru’s team. They are immensely grateful for the new partnership and believe that it will help cultivate future football stars from the community while striving to build a successful program for youngsters.

Three featured matches were fully sponsored by MM Century. They were Prai United versus Juru Youngster FC on November 26th, 2023, Juru Youngsters FC against JNT FC on December 15th, 2023, and finally Juru Youngster FC versus Impian Kembara FC on December 28th, 2023. The football competition also featured many games showcasing upcoming players from early November to December 2023.

Various players from different states, along with the Juru Youngsters FC team and their talented group of athletes, showcased their impressive skills on the field during these special matches. Participating in 33 matches across the country, other teams such as RMS FC, Butterworth FC, Perda Diamond FC, and Brothers FC, among many others, joined in the fun. Let’s take a glimpse at these matches and the other squads that fully engaged in the competition.

“Around 30 football players from Juru and other teams took part in the Bagan League and performed very well. Juru Youngsters FC hit the ground running in 1986 and for me, initially, it was a challenging task to find a sponsor and the primary motivation was never based on financial gain but rather jerseys and meals for the team.

Subsequently, within five years, we were able to secure MM Century’s sponsorship. I am motivated to support youth football and the benefits plus positive impact it has on local communities,” stated Maniraja, the Juru Youngsters Football Club Manager during a recent interview. Looking ahead, the team is eagerly anticipating Quarter 2 in 2024.

The insight is priceless for club managers like him who are constantly on the lookout for new or additional sponsors who are out there waiting to be approached and identifying new opportunities that will save time and frustration in the long run. After unsuccessfully reaching out to many people, Mr.Maniraja obtained our sponsorship recently in 2023 and he grasped that having a relationship with the MMC employees connected to his team was key.

By investing in the potential of these young athletes, we are hoping to see their skills and confidence grow and for them to serve as inspiration to other aspiring footballers in the community. We believe that sports have the power to unite and uplift and are truly committed to nurturing the talent and passion of the next generation.

MM Century looks forward to witnessing the positive impact that this support will have on the overall development and well-being of these promising young individuals while creating a brighter future for our environment, community and the youth team as a whole.

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