Empowering Change: A Transformative E-Waste Talk at SK Setia Jaya

Empowering Change: A Transformative E-Waste Talk at SK Setia Jaya

21 JULY 2023,  KUALA KANGSAR – In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the responsibility to educate and inspire the younger generation about sustainability and e-waste management falls upon the shoulders of educators and communities. Recently, SK Setia Jaya took a bold step towards this mission, hosting a remarkable e-waste talk that left a lasting impact on students and teachers alike. Led by Ms. Nina Ammay and supported by Mr. Jayasilen, along with the dedicated team from MM Century (MMC), the talk not only raised awareness about e-waste but also showcased the power of collective effort in building a greener future.

The informative e-waste talk, presented by Ms. Nina Ammay and her team, was a comprehensive session that lasted for about an hour. Students were enlightened about the detrimental effects of electronic waste on the environment and the urgent need for responsible disposal and recycling. Assisted by Mr. Jayasilen, Ms. Shryee, and the talented cameraman, Mr. Kanageswaran from MMC, the talk was an engaging and eye-opening experience.

After the talk, a fun game session was organized for the kids, spurring excitement and curiosity about e-waste management. Door gifts were awarded to the winners, spreading joy and further reinforcing the lessons learned. The sense of camaraderie between the students and the MMC team was evident during the photo session, forging a strong bond between the school and the organisation.

SK Setia Jaya’s commitment to positive change didn’t end with the e-waste talk. The school’s headmistress, Puan Siti Sapura, shared a heartening story of transformation. Formerly known as SK Kampung Nasib, the change to SK Setia Jaya acted as a catalyst, igniting a renewed sense of purpose and productivity within the school community.

One of the impressive initiatives undertaken by the school was the establishment of an e-waste collection space, championed by Puan Siti Sapura herself. This dedicated area, carefully organized and labeled by teachers and students, showcased the school’s dedication to environmental preservation.

Walking through the school garden and nursery, the team discovered a breathtaking array of plants nurtured with love and care. The school’s motto, “Together We Grow,” was beautifully reflected in the variety of fruits and herbs cultivated on the premises. From lime and beans to brinjal and pineapple, the garden was a testament to the students’ commitment to sustainable agriculture.

To further support the school’s green endeavors, MMC made a generous cash contribution to the garden maintenance fund. This gesture of solidarity highlighted the power of collaboration between businesses and educational institutions in fostering positive change.

Throughout the tour, Puan Siti Sapura emphasised the school’s unique rules and practices that have revolutionised the students’ approach to waste management. By removing dustbins from classrooms, students were encouraged to be mindful of their waste and responsibly dispose of it outside their class corridors. Moreover, the monthly practice of planting a flower plant throughout the school compound instilled a profound understanding of environmental stewardship and the value of hard work.

The e-waste talk at SK Setia Jaya was not just an event; it was a profound journey that left an indelible mark on the students, teachers, and MMC team. By uniting in the common cause of sustainability and environmental consciousness, they have set an inspiring example for others to follow. Together, they have proven that with knowledge, determination, and collective effort, we can create a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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