A Memorable Bowling Raya Celebration with Bukit Tengah Police Station

A Memorable Bowling Raya Celebration with Bukit Tengah Police Station

27 MAY 2023 , SEBERANG PRAI – MM Century Sdn. Bhd recently organised an exciting event called “Bowling Raya with Bukit Tengah Police Station.” The event aimed to unite employees, police officers, and their families for an enjoyable and festive gathering. Held at the Megamall Bowling Centre, the event was filled with exciting programmes, engaging speeches, thrilling bowling matches, a lucky draw, and a delightful dinner.

As the clock struck 2 pm, the event kicked off with a warm welcome speech delivered by Mr. Jaya, the Head of Marketing at MM Century, accompanied by Ms. Chandra, the Head of Business Development. They extended their heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees, emphasising the importance of building strong community relationships and collaboration.

Following the welcome speech, the participants had the honour of listening to Mr. Ashok, the Director of MM Century, and Tuan Insp Ahmadnadzri from the Bukit Tengah Police Station. Both dignitaries expressed their appreciation for the joint effort in organising the event, highlighting the significance of such initiatives in strengthening the bond between the corporate world and law enforcement agencies.

The main highlights of the day were the thrilling bowling tournament that pitted teams from MM Century against the talented officers of the Bukit Tengah Police Station. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and friendly competition as participants showcased their bowling skills. The event also featured an exciting lucky draw, where participants had the opportunity to win fabulous prizes, adding an element of surprise and anticipation to the celebration.

After an exhilarating round of bowling matches, the much-awaited announcement of winners took place. The champions from both the MM Century teams and the Bukit Tengah Police Station teams were acknowledged and celebrated for their outstanding performances. This moment not only brought a sense of pride to the winners but also fostered a spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship among all participants.

MM Century took the opportunity to honour the Bukit Tengah Police Station by presenting them with a special memento as a token of appreciation for their dedicated service to the community. This gesture symbolised the company’s deep respect and gratitude for the police force’s unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order.

To conclude the event on a delightful note, all participants gathered for a sumptuous dinner. The dinner provided an opportunity for everyone to relax and engage in meaningful conversations.

The Bowling Raya event organised by MM Century proved to be a resounding success, bringing together employees, police officers, and their families for a day filled with fun, camaraderie, and the strengthening of the bond between the company and the local police station for years to come.

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