Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


"Recycle for all its worth!"

MMC-REuse REduce REcycle

Recycling has become increasingly important to industry and society to meet the goals of cost reduction, limited resources and it is also one of the best ways for us to have a positive impact on the earth which we live.

Why Choose MM Century ?

When it comes to efficient and experienced services in scraps recycling, you can count on the work of MM Century that a professional recycling business in Penang.

"GREAT" is the simple ways to prove that why you should choose MM Century for the recycling of your scraps.

Guarantee Prompt Service & Payment
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We are committed and pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of customer services and payment within a specific business day to achieve quantifiable results with practical solutions.

Recycle More Of Your Waste

We provide a technology to allows us to avoid work disruptions and ensure have the most resourceful waste management solutions for your waste.

Experience with over 36 of years
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You should partner with a company that experienced as MM Century with over 36 years experience in the scraps industry and have the knowledge which able to offer the customer a full collection and solution.

A Legal Certificate Of Destruction
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We are fully compliant and meet the strictest environmental regulations to ensure our customer stay ahead of the game.

Our services are accredited to ISO standard.

Transportation Infrastructure to move or collect material
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We provide move and collecting your scraps services with a reliable vehicle and truck to make sure all the material in good condition.

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