About Us

We Maximize the Value of Your Scrap

Established in 1982, MM Century has more than 36 years of experience in various aspect of metal recycling as well as full working knowledge of the most current and relevant technologies in the recycling industry by providing environmental services.


We provide environmental services to an established base of clients ranging from scrap metal to goods manufacturers.


As one of the trusted and quality work-driven scrap metal processors based in Penang, Malaysia, we have the right infrastructure in place to serve all of your metal recycling needs.


Our dedicated team of professionals work closely with our clientele to collect, analyse, manage and implement a custom and unique solution to meet every expectation.

MM Century- MM Cenury Factory

Our Vision

To become the No.1 waste collecting and recycling company in Malaysia. We also strive to provide a safe environment for our future generation.

Our Promises

Guarantee prompt and
accurate results

Delivering professional exception
customer service

Top market prices

Our Policy

Maintain and continually improve the proper waste management system throughout the wastes’ life cycle to mitigate the impact on the environment, reduce energy consumption and enhance environmental performance.


Make sure that necessary resources, information and training is provided to required stakeholders to ensure efficient management of waste, prevention of pollution and protection of health and safety at all times.


To comply with all legislation and other stakeholders’ requirements which are related to our environmental aspects and health and safety regulations.


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